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lawfulgoodness said: Thank you for the blog, for posting your cards, and for the fanTASTic directions on how to get our own copies using PrinterStudio. My question is... how well do your custom cards mix with the official cards? Do they shuffle well together? Size-wise, are there any difficulties in using both the official CAH and custom NAH decks together?

This is a great question, so I’m answering it publicly. (I hope you don’t mind.) The custom cards are eeeever so slightly bigger than the official CAH cards. Like, fraction of a millimeter. Once you have a bunch shuffled together, it’s less noticeable, and more just weird. The texture is very similar. You’ll only really notice a difference if you bought CAH cards really early on when they were printing on lower quality card stock. Then you’ll notice that the custom NAH cards are a lot nicer and shinier. The big, obvious difference is that the NAH cards say “Nerds Against Humanity” on the back.

And thank you so much for your kind words. This just made my whole day.